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Beech Square turning blanks


 beech square kiln dried turning blanks

available in  50 x50 , 65 x 65, 80 x 80 , 100 x 100 ,

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The bending quality of beech wood makes beech timber and wood highly wanted by the furniture industry. Beech timber furniture can be seen in many forms like beech seats, beech office desks and many more. Other known uses of beech wood and timber are beech wood handrails, beech wood wooden toys, all sorts of kitchen beech wood uses such as wooden bread boards, spoon racks etc.

Beech wood and timber are also uses as in-house wooden floorings. Outside beech wood and timber are used in garden furniture. This Beech wood is always coated first to protect it from weather influences. Even railroad and construction companies use beech wood due to the high toughness and the ability of beech timber to bend..