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Yew tree(Taxus baccata)


Sold per cubic foot  . Example  12" x 1" x 12ft  = 1.0 cubic foot

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This is a very attractive softwood, however when using solid Yew tree, live knots, heart shake, ingrown bark, white calcium deposits, even holes and dead knots should all be accepted as part of the growth characteristics and used as an attractive feature of this timber. For this reason we will only offer Yewtree subject to inspection, as many customers see Yew tree veneered furniture and wish to match this in the solid. Trying to do this can be very wasteful and expensive.  
General description: The heartwood colour is golden orange-brown streaked with dark purple, mauve and brown patches with veins, tiny knots and clusters of in-growing bark. The grain is straight, but sometimes curly and irregular, it has a distinctive white to cream sapwood, giving an attractive contrast to the heartwood. The texture is medium. Weight is about 670 kg/m3 (42lb/ft3); specific gravity 0.67.


Uses: For centuries this was the wood used for bowstaves by Archers .It is excellent for turnery, some carving, furniture making, interior and exterior joinery, fences, gates, posts, chairs, doors, tables, and rustic furniture. In veneer form it requires careful preparation, patching, flattening and handling, due to its buckled, fragile nature. It is an exceptionally decorative veneer used for every kind of application, including panelling, cabinetwork and marquetry.

Grade: The only way to grade Yewtree is by one’s own personal rules. We do not have any grading rules for Yewtree, we leave it to the customer.
Specification: This is one species where the very small young trees are often clearer of defect than the older logs. We offer through and through boards; 4ft and longer, 3ins and wider.

 25mm thickness € 72.60 per cubic foot

            We stress yew tree is only sold subject to inspection.
               Please call David on 0872250151 for more information